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Before You StartUpdated a year ago

Charge the Battery Overnight

PlantWave ships with the battery charged around 20% but sometimes can arrive fully depleted. It is recommended that, upon receiving PlantWave, the device is charged 2-4 hours before first use.

Charging the Battery

  1. Connect the provided USB 3.0 to USB-C cable from a power source to your PlantWave’s USB-C port.

    • Note, it is not recommended plug an Apple laptop charger into PlantWave. This could cause delays in charging.

  2. While charging, the battery indicator lights will appear amber.

  3. When charging is complete, the battery indicator lights will appear green.

Battery Life

PlantWave has a battery life of 22-24 hours by default. Longer life can be achieved by turning off the LED light show and other options available in the Settings section of the PlantWave app.

Electrode Pads vs. Clips

The electrode pads (those sticky oval things) that come with your PlantWave are reusable and in most cases are safe to leave on your plant for months or years at a time. The pads connect to leads, which are the white wires that snap onto the pads.

The electrode clips are not intended for long-term use on plants. These are best used on plants that have leaves too small or delicate for pads. They also come in handy when using PlantWave in situations where you want to switch from one plant to another quickly and easily.

Before Selecting a Plant or Leaf

  1. Is the leaf you want to connect to larger than the electrode pad or clip? It’s best to be working with a larger leaf as this will provide more variation in conductivity and it will also be easier to remove your electrodes when you’re done listening.

  2. Is the leaf / plant strong enough to hold the electrode/clip or will it put stress on the plant and weigh it down? Using PlantWave with a plant is a way of engaging in a conversation or partnership with your plant. Don’t stress it out. If it’s too small to handle the weight of the electrodes, let it be.

Preparing Your Plants 

  1. Prepare two leaves on your plant by gently cleaning them with soapy water, most plants purchased from nurseries and department stores are covered by fungicidal gel that can interfere with connection to the PlantWave.

  2. Gently dry your plant leaves. 

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