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Connecting to Your PlantUpdated a year ago

Connecting to Your Plant

  1. Place your PlantWave near your plant

  2. Connect Pads+Leads or Clips to the plant

  3. If using Pads + Leads:

    • Remove a pair of electrode pads from their bag, keeping the plastic protectors on the pads.

    • Connect the snaps from the leads onto the back of the electrode pads. (It is best to connect the snaps to the pads before placing them on your plant to avoid applying excess pressure on the leaf during the snap-on process)

    • Remove the plastic protectors on the electrode pads and affix the pads to 2 leaves. Place the plastic protectors back in the bags to save for later use. 

  4. If using Clips:

    • Attach the clips to two leaves on your plant

  5. Connect the electrode lead or clip cable to the Electrode Input on your device and continue following the setup instructions. 

A Note on Removing Electrode Pads from Plants

  1. Always remove the electrode pad by peeling it off of the leaf from the stem or branch towards the end of the leaf. This method works best with the structure of a leaf to ensure that it isn’t torn.

  2. Always support the leaf near the stem by holding it with one hand while peeling with the other. This ensures you don’t pull the leaf from its plant

  3. Be patient and take your time. It may sometimes take up to a minute to remove an electrode pad in a way that ensures you do no damage. Take this as an opportunity to thank your plants for singing to you. They will surely be happy you’ve taken this extra time!

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