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Subscription BenefitsUpdated a year ago

Currently subscriptions are available on iOS (Android in development).

Your PlantWave comes with many standard features:

PlantWave’s Standard Functionality

  • translates plant biodata to music
  • connects wirelessly to phone
  • switch between sets of instruments (Soundsets)
  • free iOS and Android apps
  • change sensitivity of device
  • built in rechargeable battery
  • 24 hours battery life
  • can be externally powered for endless listening
  • broadcast your plant (currently iOS only)
  • record video in app with plant music soundtrack (currently iOS only)
  • record audio in app (currently iOS only)


More functionality is available with an iOS PlantWave Plus Subscription:

Plus+ Subscription Features

  • additional soundsets and new soundsets monthly
  • change tuning frequency
  • record midi
  • change key
  • change scale (pentatonic scales)


Advanced use is available with an iOS PlantWave Pro Subscription:

Pro Subscription Features

  • advanced scaling options
  • create custom soundsets
  • instrument editing
  • master effects
  • listen to multiple plants
  • route plants among instruments

Get an iOS PlantWave subscription in Settings of the PlantWave app! Enjoy!

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