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Are the plants listening to us?Updated a year ago

It's unclear. We know that plants do respond to sound, but each plant seems to be tuned to a frequency that most serves its survival. For instance, some trees will grow towards an mp3 player playing the sound of water through a pipe. Some plants will release a toxin in their leaves when they hear another nearby plant being munched on by a caterpillar. So, while we know that plants have the capacity to respond to sound, we don't yet have data supporting them listening to and responding to their own music. We can say with confidence, however, that our plants that are connected to PlantWave seem to be a little extra healthy. Maybe it's the slight current we're sending it. Maybe it's the music or maybe it's the extra attention we give musical plants. The more we play and the more we experiment, the more opportunity we have to learn. We hope PlantWave inspires that curiosity with you.

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