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Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is being measured?

PlantWave measures microfluctuations in conductivity between two points on a plant. The amount of conductivity between these two points is largely related to how much water there is between them. That changes as plants photosynthesize and move chloro

What inspired this idea?

Our inspiration for writing music always came from nature. We used to go out into the woods, record forest sounds and then go back into the studio to listen to the sounds, connect to the feeling of those natural places and write music from there. For

Why listen to plants?

The practice of taking time to listen to plants can help take a person out of the busyness of their day. It becomes a ritual where the focus moves away from the "to-dos" and towards harmony with nature. By slowing down to tune into the subtle changes

Are there proven benefits of listening to plants?

We haven't conducted peer reviewed studies yet. A survey of hundreds of owners of our previous device, MIDI Sprout, showed users feeling more relaxed, connected and inspired after listening to plants. The upgrades we're making with PlantWave will all

Do different plants make different sounds?

While the sounds and instruments were designed by us for plants to play, different plants will produce different patterns, melodies or "songs". In fact, different leaves within the same plant will produce different patterns. Over time, even those pat

Do you have sales?

Please see our website for any special deals!

What are plants responding to?

There are so many things plants respond to such as light, moisture, heat, cold, barometric pressure. Some even react to touch and sound! To know what a plant is responding to in any one moment is like trying to read another person's mind. You might h

Can you tell what species a plant is by listening to it?

In our experience, no two plants produce exactly the same patterns. In fact, no two leaves within the same plant produce the same patterns. For that reason, reverse engineering what pattern is produced by what plant is close to impossible. We have ex

Will the music tell me about the health of my plants?

PlantWave is not meant to be a diagnostic tool for plant health. That said, if you are getting a lot of signal out of a plant one day and the next day it's totally silent, it might be worth checking the soil moisture. If a plant is thirsty, it won't

Are the plants listening to us?

It's unclear. We know that plants do respond to sound, but each plant seems to be tuned to a frequency that most serves its survival. For instance, some trees will grow towards an mp3 player playing the sound of water through a pipe. Some plants will

So, you're putting microphones on the plants and you hear flutes?

Not exactly. We are measuring slight fluctuations in the conductivity of the plant with electronic sensors, not microphones. And then we are graphing those fluctuations as waves, translating them into pitch and then sending those pitch messages into

Can I hear the plants without the music?

PlantWave translates plant biorhythms into music. These biorhythms are slight variations in electricity. They are not sound. That’s right, there is no sound from the plants that we are amplifying. PlantWave takes what can not be perceived by humans (

Is this safe for plants?

Making plant music is safe for any plant that can hold the weight of an electrode. In fact, some of our plants have been connected to our technology for years (broadcasting at Plants FM). Those plants continue to thrive and are some of the happiest p

Where's the science behind this?

PlantWave makes use of tools that have been around for more than a century and amplifies their power through digital and mobile technology. The circuitry used in PlantWave is the same as that which is used in a lie detector. It's called a psychogalva

Did I see you at...?

Probably. We've been around and we get hired to do a lot of really cool events around the world including TED2019, In Goop Health, Copenhagen Fashion Week, Azulik and Habitas in Tulum, Envision Festival (Costa Rica), SXSW, Lightning in a Bottle, The

Did I see you in...?

Probably. Our story has been told many times in all sorts of media including ABC News, Good Morning America, NPR, Wired, The Guardian, Hypebae, Vogue, Vice, MTV, Arte TV (DE), TED, The Telegraph, Artforum, NOWNESS and more. Check out this selection o

Why did you change your name from MIDI Sprout?

MIDI Sprout was originally developed solely for electronic musicians. For this audience, familiar with using MIDI (a language for communicating between computers and synthesizers), MIDI Sprout was a memorable name. As the device started reaching a wi

Does PlantWave Work with DAWs and Synths? Yes!

Please note, if you’re looking to simply use PlantWave to listen to plants, we’ve built a great app for you with everything you need to enjoy plant music (learn about that here). Meanwhile, this post is intended for pro musicians and music producers

Does PlantWave have a speaker built in?

PlantWave is a sensor, not a speaker. PlantWave translates plant biorhythms into data that can be streamed to a phone to control instruments in the PlantWave app. You can then listen to your plants through your phone via its speaker, headphones or an

Can I record my plants and listen later?

Yes. With PlantWave iOS App, you can record music from your PlantWave right from your phone. You can save this for later listening and share it with friends via text or email. While the free version of the PlantWave app has everything you need to lis

Can I use PlantWave music in my song?

First, let's get clear on what you mean by PlantWave music. PlantWave can be used in two ways. In scenario 1, sounds in our app are licensed to our customers on a non-commercial basis. This means any commercial use of these sounds requires a separate

What's the difference between PlantWave and...?

We're not going to name names, here. We've tried the other plant music devices out there. Simply put. PlantWave sounds better. Other plant music devices create sounds that seem novel at first, but are often quite jarring and not something one would f

Can I put this on my cat?

While PlantWave was designed for plants, it could work with hairless cats. If you have a hairless cat and it asks to try your PlantWave, we have good news for you. Your cat talks!

Is this some kind of hippie cult conspiracy?

No, but like any great collective of humans, we do have a vision for the future. Let's face it. The sun is going to burn out in the next 5 billion years. And in order for us humans to survive and thrive up until and beyond that time, we're going to n

Do you have an Affiliate Program?

We do and we would love for you to check the PlantWave Affiliate Program Application for more information.

Where can I buy PlantWave?

PlantWave is only available on at this time!

How can I become a distributor of PlantWave?

Thank you for expressing interest in distributing PlantWave products. Currently, our products are available exclusively for purchase through our official website. However, we do appreciate your enthusiasm and we would love to add your details to our