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Can I use PlantWave music in my song?Updated a year ago

First, let's get clear on what you mean by PlantWave music. PlantWave can be used in two ways.

  1. With our app, which has instruments we've built for plants to play.
  2. As a MIDI controller, allowing a musician to connect a plant to a synthesizer or digital audio workstation (DAW) and create unique music with their own sounds.

In scenario 1, sounds in our app are licensed to our customers on a non-commercial basis. This means any commercial use of these sounds requires a separate commercial license. That said, the typical sized yoga, meditation or wellness class is exempt from this restriction for those who want to share PlantWave music in healing work, with proper credit to PlantWave. You can read more on how this works in section 1.2 of our End User License Agreement. If you're a musician, the easiest way to ensure you have rights to use sounds in your music is to design your own in a digital audio workstation. Let's jump into that.

In scenario 2, one is using PlantWave as a MIDI controller to play a synth or DAW with their own sounds. In this case, the sounds are owned by the artist. While the MIDI from the PlantWave is being used by this artist, PlantWave makes no claim on the MIDI from the device. Whether or not you're allowed to use that MIDI in your production is a conversation for you and... your plant. So ask nicely. They usually say yes.

Again, if you have any questions related to using PlantWave in your creative project, check out our End User License Agreement. Or, to obtain a commercial license for a professional studio production, contact us.

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