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Does PlantWave have a speaker built in?Updated 5 months ago

PlantWave is a sensor, not a speaker. PlantWave translates plant biorhythms into data that can be streamed to a phone to control instruments in the PlantWave app. You can then listen to your plants through your phone via its speaker, headphones or an external speaker (including Bluetooth speakers).

We chose not to make PlantWave a speaker for a few reasons. First, most people already have portable speakers. Rather than spending our time building something that already exists, we focused on creating new an innovative plant sensing and data translation technology. Second, having all of the instruments live in an app allows us to continuously upgrade the experience of your PlantWave through app updates. It also allows you to save PlantWave music directly to your phone, text or email to a friend, or save it to the cloud on iOS devices (Android Features in development).

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