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Is this some kind of hippie cult conspiracy?Updated a year ago

No, but like any great collective of humans, we do have a vision for the future. Let's face it. The sun is going to burn out in the next 5 billion years. And in order for us humans to survive and thrive up until and beyond that time, we're going to need to (a) not destroy the Earth and (b) ensure that we have access to all of our human faculties and senses as we adjust to new worlds.

What are the rules of those worlds and planets? What tools and sensitivities will be important in those places? We don't know. But, by creating technology that helps to re-awaken our intuitive connection to the natural world, maybe we are helping humans to cultivate sensitivities important for humans to live beyond our little valley of the sun. Or, at the very least, maybe giving people this opportunity to tune into plants is helping us all to put a little more attention and care towards this place we call home, Earth. Yay, Earth!

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