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The Music is Stopping or RepeatingUpdated a year ago

PlantWave translates changes in conductivity of a plant into notes and those notes play instruments through the PlantWave app and can also play notes on synthesizers and digital audio workstations. 

When plants are more active, they produce rich data resulting in a variety of melodies played in real time by your plant. 

Sometimes when a plant is less active or inactive, there’s no signal to translate into music. In this case, the music will stop. 

On occasion, you may hear a plant playing just one note repeatedly. This can be a result of a plant being less active. If this happens, try removing the sensors from your plant and touching them with your hands. Do the notes change? If so, your plant may just be droning on one note in this moment. That could be due to its natural cycles or it could be due to needing water. You may want to try increasing the sensitivity on your PlantWave to get more signal. This will make your device more sensitive to changes in your plant. You can also try cleaning the leaves of your plants and connecting to different leaves. Oftentimes, plants come from nurseries covered with a protective fungicidal coating that can interfere with the PlantWave’s connection. 

If you don’t get more notes after touching PlantWave’s sensors, you may be experiencing “stuck notes.” PlantWave sends “note on” and “note off” messages from the device to the app. If a “note on” message is sent but your app doesn’t receive a “note off” message, stuck notes may occur. 

Stuck notes happen if your PlantWave device becomes disconnected from the app while running. This could happen if you turn off your PlantWave or if it runs out of batteries during a listening session. It can also happen if you lose Bluetooth connection with your PlantWave. 

To end stuck notes, restart the app and ensure your PlantWave is on. Re-connect your PlantWave via Bluetooth and ensure your device is connected to your plant. 

To avoid stuck notes in the future

  • Make sure your PlantWave has adequate power
  • Ensure your PlantWave is paired with your device and within range. 

If your plant stops making music, check to see if your PlantWave is getting a signal from your plant. Does the light show change colors on the front of your device? If not, try removing the sensors from your plant and touching them with your hands. Do the notes change? If so, your plant is just quieter in this moment.

If you are still not getting sound please contact us at [email protected] for assistance.

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