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Why are my plants playing the same song?

Before answering this question, let’s get into some music terminology:. PlantWave translates plant biorhythms into music. It does this by translating electrical waves in plants into musical notes. These notes are sent from the PlantWave device to a p

Why does the music keep playing after removed from plant?

PlantWave’s app has instruments we’ve designed for plants to play. Each instrument has different characteristics including audio effects like echo and reverb. When you disconnect a PlantWave from a plant, some instruments may ring out longer than oth

The Music is Stopping or Repeating

PlantWave translates changes in conductivity of a plant into notes and those notes play instruments through the PlantWave app and can also play notes on synthesizers and digital audio workstations. When plants are more active, they produce rich data

Problems with Sound Quality

If you are hearing clipping or distortion on all of the soundsets, it’s likely due to your phone’s CPU being overloaded. This can happen on older phones that are not powerful enough to handle our app or a phone that has multiple other CPU heavy apps