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What's the difference between PlantWave and...?Updated a year ago

We're not going to name names, here. We've tried the other plant music devices out there. Simply put. PlantWave sounds better. Other plant music devices create sounds that seem novel at first, but are often quite jarring and not something one would feel good listening to for a long period of time.

PlantWave was created by sound artists, who in 2012, were inspired to make music in partnership with nature. We knew the music resulting from this partnership would be something better than anything we could have created ourselves.

A key part of the art of collaborating with plants is design. Over the past 10 years, our team has designed and patented a system that works with plants to create music that rivals the quality and listening enjoyment of recorded music. In fact, 90% of PlantWave listeners report their time listening to plants is replacing time spent listening to recorded music on other apps. Many listen to music from PlantWave for hours or days on end. Luxury hotels even broadcast PlantWave in their lobbies because they know it creates a relaxing environment.

PlantWave listeners report feeling more relaxed, connected and inspired after listening to plants. But don’t take our word for it. Follow your ears.

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