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Why are my plants playing the same song?Updated a year ago

Before answering this question, let’s get into some music terminology:

  • Note: A tone or frequency
  • Instrument: A sonic tool used to produce music
  • Soundsets: Collections of instruments designed for plants to play
  • Melody: A sequence of notes that makes up a musical phrase
  • Song: A musical composition consisting of melodies

PlantWave translates plant biorhythms into music. It does this by translating electrical waves in plants into musical notes. These notes are sent from the PlantWave device to a phone running our app. The messages are used to play notes on instruments in the PlantWave app.

PlantWave’s app has collections of instruments we call Soundsets. Each Soundset has a different feel, determined by the instruments, their range, and the Soundset’s tempo. When you listen to a Soundset in the PlantWave app, your plant is selecting every single note. 

This means the sequence of notes that result in a melody are unique to the plant you are listening to. So, while you may switch between two plants and they both may sound similar with the same Soundset, their melodies will likely vary.

Some Soundsets have a greater melodic range than others. Some Soundsets are designed to have a fairly limited range of notes creating a consistent atmosphere for easy listening. Some Soundsets are designed to be more expressive and allow for more variation.

To learn more about the characteristics of different Soundsets, tap “Learn more” in the Soundset selector of the PlantWave app.

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