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Why did you change your name from MIDI Sprout?Updated a year ago

MIDI Sprout was originally developed solely for electronic musicians. For this audience, familiar with using MIDI (a language for communicating between computers and synthesizers), MIDI Sprout was a memorable name. As the device started reaching a wider audience, however, the name was less obvious (as evidenced by the number of people who called it "Mini Sprout.")

We chose to re-brand in 2019 to PlantWave to acknowledge the device is more than just a creative tool. PlantWave is a way of connecting to plants through music regardless of whether one is a professional musician or a casual listener. Plant music has gone from an experimental practice to what is now a musical genre gaining greater appeal. Like the many waves of musical movements before it, this genre needs a name, so we're calling it PlantWave.

For more info on the difference between PlantWave MIDI Sprout, see comparing PlantWave and MIDI Sprout

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