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Why does the music keep playing after removed from plant?Updated a year ago

PlantWave’s app has instruments we’ve designed for plants to play. Each instrument has different characteristics including audio effects like echo and reverb.

When you disconnect a PlantWave from a plant, some instruments may ring out longer than others. You can think of this like a guitar string. You can pluck the string, it keeps ringing out. Similarly, your PlantWave can “pluck” a virtual instrument, and though it may stop plucking, the note may ring out for several seconds longer. Add to that, some instruments have effects like echo and reverb that simulate cavernous spaces, temples and cathedrals. These notes can ring out even longer.

PlantWave sends “note on” and “note off” messages from the device to the app. If a “note on” message is sent but your app doesn’t receive a “note off” message, stuck notes may occur. Stuck notes happen if your PlantWave device becomes disconnected from the app while running. This could happen when you remove the clips or pads from your plant.

To end stuck notes, restart the app and ensure your PlantWave is on. Re-connect your PlantWave via Bluetooth and ensure your device is connected to your plant.

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